Shift Creek v4a3IV***

!!! WARNING !!!!               !!! WARNING !!!!                !!! WARNING !!!!

In Nov 2017, the 2m wide slot (R15 & R16) was completely blocked by a log jam, caused by a huge slip. 

However, it has been slowly clearing out over time. As of Jan 2020, R14 is passable, although there are a few big logs. R15 is now a scramble over a log jam, and R16 is also passable, with a rappel through a log jam. Although this section was passable at the time of this update, all parties must assess the state of the log jams at the time of thier descent, and if necessary, set up an escape line as reccomeneded in the topo.  Thank you to Daniel Penney for this update and photo. 

Highest drop 28m

Public access


Arguably the best intermediate-level canyoning trip in the Top of the South. It is enclosed and committing. There are several large, spectacular rappels and a few jumps thrown in to keep it fun

Download the Shift Creek Topo (post log jam update)

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  1. Chucky says:

    Update by Daniel Penney, 4 Jan 2020.

    R5 anchor has a bolt with a missing nut.

    Anchors in situ are 10mm stainless tru-bolts. Please bring a nut, spanner (probably a hanger) and some linking material to repair this anchor if you are visiting.

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