Ore Stream v4a5IV***

31m (2x60m)
Public access

One of the highest flow canyons in the Haast pass area. Steep, rough, technical, dangerous and beautiful.

Wilberhorse Canyon v5a3IV***

Required Rope:  1x110m and another 110m of rope. 
Private access, permission required (see topo)

Tawhiuau v4a2IV**

Public access

700m of descent makes this one of the biggest trips in the North Island. A solid 3hr approach up a steep but well marked track and a “mini canyon ” (2 pitches) entry to the main river. Big waterfalls, Hanging re belays and wide expansive views.

Cupola Creek v4a5IV***

Amazing post-glacial aquatic slot canyon.

7hrs flat walking up the Travers valley to the start of the canyon mean this probably won’t get as much traffic as it deserves…

Mathers Creek v4a4III***

Public access

Plenty of variety: high jumps, low technical jumps, perfect slides, back to back absiels and beautiful narrows.

Edwards River v3a4IV***

42m (rebelay allows 30m pitch)
Public access

6 pitches down a main river gorge with high flows, big jumps and challenging swims.

Wesley Creek v5a3IV***

124 m (2 x 70 m ropes)
10 hours (5 hours up 5 hours down)
Public Access

Steep alpine canyon, with large multip-pitch rappels.

Red Granite Creek v4a4III***

Public access.

A fantastic, open granite canyon with big waterfalls and big pools. Jumps galore into west coast coca-cola coloured pools. 

Green Gully Creek v4a3III**

A whole day, including 4WD approach
Private land: permission required

Beautiful 4WD approach, a thick scrub bash approach and a great, consistent canyon. Lots of medium jumps and slide and good absiels.

Imp Grotto v4a3II***

40m (2x45m)
2.5 hrs
Public access

Imp Grotto is a very short, but spectacular canyon, with a little bit of everything. The access is quick and easy, providing excellent rewards for minimal effort.

Cross Creek v3a2II***

Highest Drop 22m (2x25m)
1-4 hrs
Public Access. 

One of the most fun canyons in NZ.  Beautiful slides, jumps and rappels in very cold water.