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Add a Missing Canyon

This site relies on input from the community to keep it up to date. If you’ve descended a canyon which isn’t featured here, we’d love some info to publish on the site….  

You don’t have to make it fancy, or even include a topo/drawing/cross-section. Any information is way better than none, and allows others to build on the record with future descents.  Click the option above that suits you best.

Beta-less Canyons

If you have descended a canyon in the past, or know that others have, but have little or no information, we’d still like to hear what you do have. Even the name of the stream or general area can help.

In this case, click ‘Just Email Us’ above.

Potential Canyons

If you’ve seen a series of waterfalls whilst out in the hills, stumbled across a gorge, think a river on the Topomap is worth investigating or heard an old mate or hunter talking about such things, then please let us know all about it! Many excellent canyons on this website were discovered from very small clues, many that were recieved from other people.

In this case, click ‘Just Email Us’ above.