Canyoning is a dangerous sport. The risks include serious injury or death. Anyone undertaking this sport does so at thier own risk and carries all the associated responsibilities.

The information provided here is a record of the sport of Canyoning in NZ. The Canyon information provided may not be accurate and cannot be relied upon.

The skills required to descend safely are unique to the sport of Canyoning. They are on a par with Technical mountaineering for rope work and with Whitewater Kayaking for appreciation of hydrological dangers. The Canyoning Technique information is simply a summary of some techniques and is not intended to replace formal Canyoning Training. We highly reccomend that you seek an approved course of training, or go with a guide or experienced canyoner whilst you are learning.

Access is often a sensitive issue. Whilst this site aims to provide accurate information about access to a particular canyon, it remains the ultimate responsibility of the user to ensure the appropriate permissions are sought and rules and/or regulations are obeyed. If any access information is incorrect, please contact us to see that it is made right.

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