Cupola Creek v4a5IV***

15m (2×20 & throwbag)
Public access
Travers Valley, Nelson Lakes NP

Magnificent slot canyon with bullet hard rock.

Slippery Nipple Canyon v3a2III*

Highest drop 30m Public access 7hrs Steep low volume stream suitable for intermediate canyoners. Lots of rappels, some picturesque. Download the Slippery Nipple Topo

Clearwater Stream v3a2III*

Highest drop 30m Public Access 5-6 hrs Clearwater Stream is a steep and continuous canyon with many quality rappels up to 30m. Full escape from the canyon would be difficult as the canyon walls are steep and exposed. Download the Clearwater Stream Topo

Chandler Stream (upper) v3a3III*

Highest drop 20m Public Access 4 hrs The upper section of Chandler Stream is of lesser quality than the lower section (see separate topo), but there are still some very nice rappels and enclosed sections that make it a worthwhile addition. Download the Chandler Stream Upper Topo

Chandler Stream (Lower) v3a3II**

Highest drop 16m Public Access 3 hrs Probably the best bang for your buck trip in the region. The lower section of Chandler Stream is quite short but of high quality: continuous, beautiful and enclosed. Reminiscent of Haast Past canyons. Download the Chandler Stream Lower Topo

Shift Creek v4a3IV***

!!! WARNING !!!!               !!! WARNING !!!!                !!! WARNING !!!! In Nov 2017, the 2m wide slot (R15 & R16) was completely blocked by a log jam, caused by a huge slip.  However, it has been slowly clearing out over time. As of Jan…

Canoe Creek, v3a2II (0 stars)

First Descent, Toine Houtenbos and Rikki Brown, 4 May 2014. Access: Lake Head track, East of Lake Rotoiti, about 2hrs to bottom of canyon, (4.5km) Possibility of Water Taxi drop off. “Access is pretty rough. About 1.5hrs [from the lake], three wasp stings and a sketchy traverse later, we ended up in the upper reaches…

Barefoot Burn v4a2III*

Highest drop 45m Public access 8hrs Medium flow canyon with beautiful steep, clean abseils. Steep sidewalls in most places. This canyon is fully featured in the Canyoning in NZ guidebook, available for purchase on this site. The Canyon has been partially bolted since the publication of the book. Download the latest Barefoot Burn CanyonTopo

Whiskey Creek v5a2IV*

Highest drop 53m 8-9hrs Public Access Alpine canyon, with back to back drops, hanging re-belays and a huge free hanging pitch over Whiskey falls themselves. Download CanyonTopo for Whiskey Creek    

Whiskey Falls Trip Report

After walking all the way up to the top of Mt Robert and then turning back in moderate rain a few days ago, we were stoked when the weather turned good for us to have a second crack at this first descent. Toine and I were joined by Bernat, a Spanish Canyoner for the day….