There are several companies which offer canyoning courses. Some offer scheduled courses, others run courses on demand, so enquire directly with the provider;

Even if some don’t specifically list a course on their website, it might pay to enquire directly with the company as they may have the ability to run a course.

It really helps to have previous experience in Climbing, Tramping and Whitewater Kayaking, BUT, it isn’t necessary in easy canyons IF you go with experienced and competent people who can show you the way.

Currently, there are only a few other ways to gain Canyoning skills in NZ.

You can arrange go on trips with more experienced Canyoners through the Facebook Group, learning on the go.

Another avenue would be to start by going on professional guided Canyoning trips. Then, combining your previous outdoor skills and experience with the specific basics of canyoning, you can start doing the easiest canyons by yourself.

In the mean time, make sure you go with someone who knows what they are doing.

Remember, Canyoning is a whole different sport and the difference between an easy canyon that anyone could survive through and a tricky canyon that needs canyon specific skills is not always easy to spot!