Lagoon canyon v4a2IV*

Public access
Steep, low volume, alpine canyon, Gorge walk finish
Waimakariri Valley

Lagoon Saddle Canyon v4a2III*

Highest drop 47m Public access 6hrs This canyon is a rewarding day out with some great abseils in a straightforward multi-pitch canyon. The canyon anchors are bolts with a few naturally rigged. The upper canyon starts with two abseils back to back. There are plenty of escapes all the way down. The highlight is the…

Rakautara Stream

First descent by Canterbury Canyon SAR Team during a search operation. A handful of small absiels, some swims and little jumps in a relatively open streamway.

Rolleston River

First descent by West Coast Canyon SAR during a search operation, March 2021. Two absiels from bolt anchors, some sections of nice canyon and some sections of open riverbed scrambling SAR team leader Canyon ends at the confluence with the stream coming from Lake Florence. No futher information available at this time.

Florence Canyon

First descent by Canterbury CanyonSAR team during a search operation in March 2021 No further information available at this time.

Giant Gate Falls v5a5III**

Access up the true right, to a short but spectacular canyon on the edge of the Milford Track. A large catchment, very high rainfall an extremely deep canyon make this a very very serious proposition. Giants Gate Topo – quick notes Start @ 200m contour at mouth of canyon 5m DC on TR to shallow…

Powder Flask Canyon v5a3IV***

45m | 6.5-10.5hrs | Public access
Makarora Valley, Aspiring

Low water, beautiful rock & pools with lots of jumps. Exit via high flow Fish River.

Blue Creek v3a1II*

18m 2x30m | 4hrs Public access
Mt Owen, Kahurangi National Park

Mostly dry marble slot canyon. Very scenic!

Dickson River v3a4IV***

1x60m rope | 11hrs | Public access
Mikonui Valley, West Coast

One of the top canyons on the coast.