Cupola Creek v4a5IV***

Amazing post-glacial aquatic slot canyon.

7hrs flat walking up the Travers valley to the start of the canyon mean this probably won’t get as much traffic as it deserves…

Fyffe Gorge v2a3III*

40m (optional, can walk around)
Public access

Challenging scramble up a deep limestone gorge to a swim up and explore a short but spectacular marble slot canyon. Options for canyoning short canyon sections on the descent, but all can be walked around. 

Waterfall Creek v4a4III**

Public access: Courtesy call to guiding company requested.

More open, granite slab canyon, with lots of technical downclimbing and some excellent slides up to 17m.

Goldilocks Creek v3a2II*

Public access

Great introduction to vertical canyoning – low water flow, user friendly features and anchors, and can exit almost anywhere.

Banks Creek v1a3I*

No absiels
Public access

Nice lower gorge and some jumps, worth climbing up after a trip to Devils Creek.

Johnson Creek v1a3I

Stream walking, with some jump potential if you scramble up the gorge sides.

Middle Wakamarina v1a4I*

Float trip
Public access

Big jumps (from the rim) and long swims. Able to combine it with several of the other canyons/gorges in the area.

Devils Creek v3a2II*

Public access

Varied and scenic waterway with a handful of nice features, separated by plenty of walking.

Juicy Falls Canyon v4a3IV*

Public access

Medium flow canyon with beautiful steep, clean abseils. Steep sidewalls in most places. Overall a good, challenging vertical canyon.

Lower Wakamarina Gorge v1a4I**

No rappels: float trip
Public access

Medium Volume float trip with lots of jumping opportunities, usually combined with Doom Creek.