Margaret Burn v5a5III***

About 2 weeks ago we had the privilege to explore Margaret Burn, an epic high volume glacial fed canyon, which goes underground for a majority of its length.


While scouting the canyon from the top, we walked across it without even realising. The canyon is covered by boulders which have beech forest growing over the top. These boulders have fallen over the canyon a long time ago hiding the canyon from sight and sound. We found numerous holes which we abseiled into to reach the bottom and assess if the canyon was possible or not. In places the canyon is 80m deep and only a few metres wide.


The same day we explored and completed another first descent of it’s smaller neighbour Abruzzi Canyon.


Leo Tregret

First Descent by Reto Bubendorf, Léo Ga, Maddy Ga and Leo Tregret on 1/3/2024

Please note: The pin location is approximate.. More info on canyon entry location to come… Thanks to Leo for the info and images!

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