Hester Pinney Waterfall v3a5IV**

Public access

Highlights are the enchained potholes with technical jumping. A slightly longer approach to a long, varied and low-flow canyon with scenic views towards Mt Aspiring.

The General v5a3VI****

One of the most committing, sustained and narrow canyons in NZ.  44 pitches, super solid dark schist, deep, narrow, sustained. Don’t forget the “Slot of Doom”, with a handline to access 3 pitches (one including a deviation) on a 45m drop. If it had jumps it might be a 5 star canyon…

Deep Creek v1a1I

Public access

Short scramble and wade, worth a wee look if you are in the area with a little spare time.

Ore Stream v4a5IV***

31m (2x60m)
Public access

One of the highest flow canyons in the Haast pass area. Steep, rough, technical, dangerous and beautiful.

Mathers Creek v4a4III***

Public access

Plenty of variety: high jumps, low technical jumps, perfect slides, back to back absiels and beautiful narrows.

Rockburn v4a7III*

10m (30m rope)
Public access

Main river gorge, with extremely high water levels and numerous huge syphons. Only in condition at the end of a long dry summer.

Purple Creek v3a3IV*

Public Access

Wilderness adventure canyon, medium gradient, lots of fun scrambling and down climbing. Normally done with a base camp in the Lower Landsborough Valley.

Birch Creek v4a4IV**

Public access

Wilderness adventure canyon, medium gradient, with a little bit of everything. Normally done with a base camp in the Lower Landsborough Valley.

College Canyon v3a3III**

Heli access to Forbes Hut
Public land

Plenty of jumps and fun abseils make it a little gem worth getting into and a 5 min walk from the exit of the canyon to Forbes hut make it all to easy.