Rockburn v4a7III*

10m (30m rope)
Public access

Main river gorge, with extremely high water levels and numerous huge syphons. Only in condition at the end of a long dry summer.

Thigh Burn v4a2III*

Whole day
Public access

Long, steep scrubby approach to a steep, low flow stream with an enclosed section at the end.

Major Mayhem Canyon v5a3IV***

95m (60+35 pitches)
Public access

Big, exposed waterfalls in the upper section, with a relentless narrow slot canyon below. Lots of delicate logjams!

The General v5a3VI****

Highest drop 45m Public access 8-16hrs (depending on how high you start) One of the most committing, sustained and narrow canyons in NZ.  44 pitches, super solid dark schist, deep, narrow, sustained. Don’t forget the “Slot of Doom”, with a handline to access 3 pitches (one including a deviation) on a 45m drop. If it…

Eagle’s Nest v4a3V***

Highest drop 35m  (2x 60m ropes needed, due lack of anchors in one place, requiring a 50m rappel. ) Public access 14hrs A stunning, steep and slotted canyon. It starts high up Mt Earnslaw and continues without pause all the way down to the valley. 700m of descent and over 40 rappels. A real classic,…