Major Mayhem Canyon v5a3IV***

Highest drop 95m (60+35 pitches)

Public access

5-14hrs (Depending if you start at the middle or the top)

Big, exposed waterfalls in the upper section, with a relentless narrow slot canyon below. Lots of delicate logjams!

Download the topo forĀ Major Mayhem v5a3IV

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One Response to Major Mayhem Canyon v5a3IV***

  1. Chucky says:

    From KiwiCanyons Facebook;

    “We did Mayor Mayhem yesterday all the way from the top. It took us 10hrs car to car. The anchorpoints on the upper part are in quite good condition – we had to replace one since there was rockfall and they were damaged. In the lower part there was huge landslide recently and most of the anchorpoints are damaged / gone. We reboilt three of them, and used coupe of logs to rapel down. The water in the lower part is quite muddy, it needs some proper rain so the dirt is flashed away. It is doable for now, but I recomend you take the power drill and couple of anchorpoints.”

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