Whio Creek Canyon v4a4III***

20m max drop (2x30m)

7h15m return (2h30/2h30/2h15)

Public access.

With mostly jumps and slides between enchained granite potholes, Whio Creek is a short but super fun canyon in the enchanting Tutoko valley. Only the bottom section has been done, there is plenty of canyon left to explore above the big waterfall.

First descent: Will Hamilton, Bailey Taylor, 28 Dec 2023

Thanks to Will for the topo and images.

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  1. Matt says:

    Nice work finding this gem!
    A super cool canyon in a beautiful remote valley with views of Mt Tutoko.
    Jumps and slides in to deep granite pools.
    Ticino vibes with a Fiordland twist!
    If you love jumps, slides and sand fly infested swamp walks this is the trip for you!
    We took advantage of a couple days of nice weather and took over night gear.
    Walk in was around 3hrs to the base of the canyon.
    Afternoon session on the bottom drops and a full descent the next day.
    The sun doesn’t reach the canyon till about 10:30 so the scrabble up the side is grade 5 with dew still on the ground.
    Took us 45mins scouting the canyon as we went.
    Bolts are still all in good condition but likely won’t last any major weather event.
    With the hardware in place a skilled team would do the canyon in around an hour and it is well worth a second lap!
    Next trip will definitely be bringing the drill for that top section!

    • Date -9/2/24
    • Water level -normal
    • Anchor conditions -All in good condition
    • Group size -2
    • Time: approach/descent/return (eg: 1hr/4hrs/3mins) -3hrs+45mins/1.5hrs/2.5hrs

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