Tunakohoia Canyon v4a2II**

32m Public access 6.5hrs Tunakohoia is a little gem of a canyon nestled in the hills behind Te Aroha Township. Generally low flow, this is an ideal winter trip as you are not required to spend long periods in the water. The canyon is a lot of fun after some rain when the flow increases…

Camp Stream v3a2II*

Highest drop 30m Public access 7-10hrs Waterfall tramping through spectacular cliffs, with great views to the east. Download reasearch sheet for Camp Creek, Kauaeranga Valley

Navy Creek v3a1III*

Highest drop 22m Public access 11 Pitches down a low flow stream Some brief info on Facebook

Mt Rowe Canyon v3a1III*

Highest drop 25m Public access 7hrs Steep, semi open stream in bush. Worthwhile as an option when there is too much water for other Kauaeranga Valley Canyons Download CanyonTopo for  Mt Rowe Canyon

Sleeping God Canyon v4a3III**

Sleeping God is an excellent canyon in the Kauaeranga Valley. It has been an established canyoning route for a long time. Its quality, proximity to Auckland, ease of access and bolted anchors means that it is getting a large amount of attention from people who may not have the right skills. Sleeping God is a…

HydroPhobia v4a2III**

Max drop approx 26m Public access 7hrs Steep stream with numerous medium length abseils, quite slotty. A full description can be found in the Canyoning in NZ guidebook. First descent (6/10/2013) – Pete Smith , Antoine Chabanis & Alain Rohr Survey & Mapping (2/11/2013) – Pete Smith & Peter Harrison.  

McGuiness Stream

Public access Steep waterfall tramping. Download info sheet for McGuiness Stream, Coromandel Ranges

Hikuai Stream

Public access Sounds like more waterfall tramping, but with some pools reported. Download info sheet for Hikuai Stream, Coromandel Ranges

Green Tree Stream

Public access Sounds like steep, low volume waterfall tramping. Download info sheet for Green Tree Stream, Coromandel Ranges

Okahu Stream, v4a3III*

Highest drop 50m Public access 5-6hrs One huge 100m waterfall broken into 2 sections, with some small jumps and stream walking. Download topo for Okahu Stream, Kaitaia