Oteao Falls v3a3III**

Highest drop 30m (1x30m + 1x50m for pull cord recommended)

5h45m total (45m approach, 4h descent, 1h return)

Private access: available without specific permission – see notes in the topo.

Combining terraced waterfalls, jumps, slides, a sump dive, a giant floating log and a diving board
this is a true canyon playground.

IMPORTANT: the access track crosses private land – we currently have a good relationship with the land owners, lets keep it that way! Be respectful and stick to the track, do not drive up the private
road way, foot traffic only.

First descent: Brad Schimanski, Tim Bailey, Nick Lynch, Saki Ito Jan 2019

Thanks to Brad and Shanan Fraser for the Topo. Photos courtesy of Facebook, by Shanan, Pete Smith and Brad.

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