Te Tipi Stream v3a2V

Te Tipi Stream overview 25m 6hrs/1.5hrs/4.5hrs ( Approach, Te Tipi descent, Rangihau gorge v4a4IV** descent) Publc access Te Tipi Stream is another of the headwater tributaries of the excellent Rangihau Gorge v4a4IV**. Te Tipi itself is not the pick of the entry routes to Rangihau, but is described here for completeness. Route description Rangihau Road…

Oteao Falls v3a3III**

30m (1x30m, 1x50m)
Private access – see topo
Coroglen valley, Coromandel

Jumps, slides, pools and raps, a high quality day out in the upper north.

McGuiness Stream

Public access Steep waterfall tramping. Download info sheet for McGuiness Stream, Coromandel Ranges

Hikuai Stream

Public access Sounds like more waterfall tramping, but with some pools reported. Download info sheet for Hikuai Stream, Coromandel Ranges

Green Tree Stream

Public access Sounds like steep, low volume waterfall tramping. Download info sheet for Green Tree Stream, Coromandel Ranges

Wentworth River v4a2I*

Highest drop 40m 3-6hrs dependant on route. Public access A couple of beautiful and very easy to access waterfalls. Suitable for experienced absiellers who want to try a little canyoning. Thanks to Shannan Fraser A full description can be found in the Canyoning in NZ guidebook.