Bulls Run / Rangihau Lower Gorge v3a3II**

33m max pitch

6hrs round trip

Public access

Tricky to do these streams separately, the combine to an awesome day out. The Bulls Run gets better the further down you go, until you meet the Rangihau Gorge. With it’s three gargantuan 25m wide waterfalls and deep jump pools, the gorge itself is amazing. There is even a rock arch to dive through in one of the pools!

The Rangihau has a very large catchment and a committing section: not a place to be in high flows or when rain is forecast.

First Descent/ James Mclean, Sach Knight, David Meikle, Pete Smith 2/4/21

Thanks to Pete Smith for the Topo description, canyon cross section drawings by James Judd. Photos by Pete Smith and Shanan Fraser

Bulls Run Canyon v3a2II* photos

Lower Rangihau Gorge v3a3II** photos

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