Pegasus Canyon v4a3III**

40m max pitch

From a base at Forbes Hut: approach, descent, return 2hr/2h30/1h15

Public access.

Access: TL, sidle down into creek from 720m.

It takes about 1hr 15mins from Forbes hut to the bottom of the uphill. Then another 35mins of steep ascent through open forest until it flattens out.

We put some orange sling around a tree at the 720m contour, marking a deer trail that gave good access into the stream. Sidle and descend for about 10 mins or so to reach the water.

We quite enjoyed this canyon, there are some really nice drops and features in there. Although we found it had been done (we were hoping for a FD), we were not disappointed we had gone this far from the Forbes hut to do it. 

FD: Unknown. The canyon name is a placeholder until the FD team wants it changed.

Thanks to Patrick Timm for sketch topo and photos.

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