Logjam Canyon v3a2III*

30m | Public access
Worth doing the lower section for a short/rest day
Hunter Valley, Otago

College Canyon v3a3III**

Heli access to Forbes Hut
Public land

Plenty of jumps and fun abseils make it a little gem worth getting into and a 5 min walk from the exit of the canyon to Forbes hut make it all to easy.

Lake Creek v5a4V*

Private land: permission required

A hard approach to a canyon which isn’t as good as it looks from the road, but still worth doing.

Green Gully Creek v4a3III**

A whole day, including 4WD approach
Private land: permission required

Beautiful 4WD approach, a thick scrub bash approach and a great, consistent canyon. Lots of medium jumps and slide and good absiels.

Yards Gully v4a2IV**

Private land: permission required.

No further info available, other than it was surprisingly good, with some narrow steep and deep sections.