Logjam Canyon v3a2III*

Highest drop- Lower section of canyon, everything less than 20m from memory. Upper section, maybe 30m max. Definitely not worth doing the upper section unless you had heaps of time to kill- there’s better stuff in Hunter Valley.

Entry: TR, enter creek via abseil off tree between 600-650m.

The only section worth doing in this canyon is the lower bit, maybe enter from 600-650m. Anything higher and it gets really overgrown for the walk up, and the canyon is filled with more log jams than you will ever see in your canyoning life. Seriously- it’s pretty hectic in there.

The lower section has some cool stuff, and if you were out in Hunter valley for a while, it could be a good rest day canyon entering from 600-650m contour

FD: Unknown. The canyon name is a placeholder until the FD team wants it changed.

Thank you to Patrick Timm for information and photos

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  1. Leo Tregret says:

    FD team was Leo Tregret, Ben Thomas, David Myles, Maddy Ga , Nadav Cohen and Tyler Bosche. March 2020.

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