Lennox Creek v5a5IV***

90m max drop.

Approach: 3h30 (add another 40min if parking at Muddy Creek)
Descent: 4h40
Return: 1h30

Start elevation: 820m
End elevation: 520m
Total elevation loss: 300m
Longest drop: 90m

Roughly 7-8 pitches. A 90m and 80m pitch within the final ‘175m’ Lennox Falls.

It appears that about 100m vertical of undescended canyon is waiting for exploration.

Read about the first descent of Lennox Creek on Canyon Magazine. Images and words courtesy of Gus Schiavon

First descent 8-9 March 2017: Ryoji Onishi (JPN) Jasmine Li (TWN) Hitoshi Tsunoi (JPN) Noboyuki “Jumbo” Sekine (JPN) Gus Schiavon (BRA)

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