Imp Grotto v4a3II***

Highest drop 40m

2.5 hrs

Public access

Imp Grotto is a very short, but spectacular canyon, with a little bit of everything. The access is quick and easy, providing excellent rewards for minimal effort.

Formed over a fault line, the stream has created a deep and narrow canyon, with some of the most fascinating sculpted bedrock in the area. This makes it committing and very dangerous in higher flows. Avoid this little gem if any rain is forecast.

This canyon is fully described in the Canyoning in NZ guidebook.

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  1. pete Choate says:

    not sure if someone has already updated the condition of imp since the flood, so just thought I’d make sure. The log in the entry jump pool has moved sightly, the jump still goes but you gotta jump out pretty far. The fixed handline to access the bolts on R2 is no longer usable. And R4 bolts are completely smashed and will need replacing. The top bolt is in better shape than the lower bolt and can still be used but only out of necessity. I placed a maillon on the top bolt so it can be used, in case someone was caught out needing to use it. Other than that, the canyon is still as amazing as it ever was and has had a good old fashioned water blast so everything’s super grippy. Cheers

    • Chucky says:

      23 Dec 14. All anchors in good condition, nice flow!

      25mins up, 2hrs down, but we spent a little time checking a few things out…

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