Campbell Creek v1a3I**

10m (1x20m)
Public access

Easy access to a mellow, but fun and very beautiful stream. Lots of medium to small jumps.

Imp Grotto v4a3II***

40m (2x45m)
2.5 hrs
Public access

Imp Grotto is a very short, but spectacular canyon, with a little bit of everything. The access is quick and easy, providing excellent rewards for minimal effort.

Zig Zag Creek v4a3III**

55m (2x60m)
6-8 hrs
Public Access

Steeper, more open schist canyon, with 14 drops and a few jumps.

Cross Creek v3a2II***

Highest Drop 22m (2x25m)
1-4 hrs
Public Access. 

One of the most fun canyons in NZ.  Beautiful slides, jumps and rappels in very cold water.

Robinson Creek v4a3II***

25m (2x30m)
2.5-3 hrs
Public access

A relatively short canyon, with a more open upper section with pools, jumps and swims. Then the canyon closes in for several drops, including a very impressive pitch into a giant cavern.