Hodgekinson Creek v3a2II

Highest drop 15-35m depending on which tree anchor you access. ┬áRappels are mostly just required to descend boulders that are not safe to down climb, so the number of rappels and their length depends on your down-climbing ability. Don’t set yourself short on rope!!

4-7hrs round trip, depending on access (4WD or MTB) and downclimbing speed.

Although there were some nice narrows and beautiful sections high in the canyon, most of the effort was awkward downclimbing over boulders. The last section had a huge slip to descend, which was steep and required a couple of ‘nuisance’ rappels (4-6m, just too high/exposed/slippery to downclimb safely). The canyon was predominantly greywacke, with lots of great options for piton placements. There were sections where the rock changed to very compact schist, producing the narrows sections.

Took us about an hour ride from the 2WD carpark to the mouth of the canyon, 50mins to access the top, about 4hrs to descend.

A good adventure, but I can’t say that I’d rush back to repeat it. Agree with Jethro that it probably just gets half a star.

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  1. Jethro says:

    Hey there- Alain and I went down this yesterday (28.12.11). Nice easy access, good solid rock and very nice ambience for the first half hour at the entrance. Canyon widens further on, and although it remains a slot, it is possible to down climb alongside the stream. It has good clean blue water. 1.25 hours for access. 2 hours descent. 2 rappels to 15m. 1 slide 3m. 1 star out of 4 (.5 out of 3)

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