Canyon Creek v4a5V**

2x50m + 1x30m
Public access

Uncompleted descent of a committing alpine slot canyon, with continous high flow features.

Hodgekinson Creek v3a2II

Highest drop 15-35m depending on which tree anchor you access. ┬áRappels are mostly just required to descend boulders that are not safe to down climb, so the number of rappels and their length depends on your down-climbing ability. Don’t set yourself short on rope!! 4-7hrs round trip, depending on access (4WD or MTB) and downclimbing…

Lower Canyon Creek

Despite looking very impressive from the valley floor, there doesnt appear to be anything of interest. I’ve walked up from the bottom. It’s just a gravelly stream for the first bit. We lost interest about 200m into the gorge (it was winter and we were on a MTB trip!) there’s very little overall elevation drop…