Green Gully Creek v4a3III**

2x60m ropes

A whole day, including 4WD approach

Private access: permission required

If you have a 4X4 and an appetite for thick scrub bashing that eventually pays off, this is the canyon for you. Lots of small-medium sized jumps and slides, some really nice rappels in and out of the flow and quality semi-shcist bedrock almost the whole way down. It was the canyon that just kept on giving. The canyon starts a few hundred metres downstream from the put-in and continues almost all the way down to the car. Most of the pools that look deep enough to jump or slide into are deep enough. There is around 10 abseils and many jumps and slides in total, otherwise, somewhere close to 15 abseils, if you don’t like to jump. If you’ve run the Haast stuff enough and wanted to check out a canyon that’s close to Wanaka and are up for a big day, this should be on your radar. The Hunter Valley alone is just awesome to drive up as well!

This canyon was single bolted during the exploration. Other parties should bring anchor gear with them enough to equip it further.

Ropes: X2 60m

Access: This canyon is on private land. Permission must be given prior to your trip through From the Station homestead, drive about 1.5 hours along the bumpy 4X4 track until you reach the bottom of the creek. Ascend the spur on true left, staying close to the lookers right side of the spur as the bush is less thick. About ¾ of the way up the bush will get quite thick and the terrain steep, you’ve just got to find the less heinous path and eventually you will break tree line. Aim for the obvious peak at the top of the spur, once on top you should be around 900m. From there you will get an open glimpse into the upper drainage. Find a line through the scrub to the section of the creek that looks flat right before it drops off, it should be quite obvious. This is the put-in is and is  at around 820m, enjoy!

Escapes: multiple from watercourse, unknown from drainage entirely.

FD team: Peter Choate, Kaden Anderson, Derek Steffens, Taylor Redd.

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