Granity Creek v3a3III**

Highest drop 20m


Public Access

Tricky off track walk into the head of a granite stream with some waterfalls. Then plunges into a very deep and impressive marble slot canyon for an hour or two.

This canyon is fully described in the Canyoning in NZ guidebook.

[Update 28 March 2016:  First descent by; Andy Maloney Chris Pugsley, Kris Ericksen, Bruce Mutton, and Cathy Worthy in 1999]



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  1. Derk van der Kamp says:

    Great trip! We uploaded the drawn route to the entrance to our GPS, which was of great help. Encountered some onga onga and a few wasps, nothing serious. Replaced three slings; anchors need replacement, but are still usable. We had a hard time finding the track for the return. The guide book says there’s a big orange triangle on the true right 50-100 meters after the resurgence, but we didn’t see it; it might be gone. Couldn’t find the track either. Your best bet is to walk down the river until you hit a side stream on the true right, where the track is visible.

  2. Oscar says:

    Great trip, have discovered the alternative route into the canyon is possible, Starting 200m up from the blue creek track junction (refer to guidebook) turn right and bush bash almost straight down the spur All anchors need replacing as they are all in poor condition, none have been updated. 14m Jump is still possible however requires good take off to make it in the specific deep section. Slides had dried up after 4/5 days of no rain

  3. Sarah says:

    Hey all, planning on doing this in a few days. Any updates on anchors? Cheers

    1. Sarah says:

      If anyone goes through, would be awesome if you could take a mallion and sling to back up last anchor around chockstones below. Ta

  4. Topher Dabrowski says:

    We ran this on December 24th 2017. The sling is wanting of replacement and the anchors could get pulled and replaced with stainless but are otherwise usable. As others have noted, wasps and Ongaonga are prolific on the way down. We used nothing more than a 30m line and it was sufficient for all the raps.

  5. Pete Smith says:

    Can anyone give me an update on the condition of the anchors in Granity Creek? Are the bolts in good condition and does the webbing needs replacing due to age wear etc. Has anyone been through recently?

  6. Gort says:

    5 of us went into Granity Creek on 2/3/14. It took us about 3 hours to make our way down to the river from the turn of.
    Our progress was slowed down a bit by some large fields of stingy nettle as well as wasps. We were attacked on 3 different occasions after disturbing nests, so I’d recommend doing granity creek rather early in the season. Once in the creek, It was good going and the slot was very impressive. The canyon dried up before the slot for us, all the water disappearing underground and resurging just before the start of the exit track. In the slot itself, there were just a few pools of stagnant water. The last 2 pools had a bit of a smell to them courtesy of a decaying goat.
    It took us 9 hours overall, great day out.

  7. wasp bait says:

    descended 2-March 2014. our group of 5 were on target with the topo times, sans the walk to the river which took 2.5ish hours. suggest wearing a wetsuit for the walk down. it was full of wasps and ongaonga.

  8. Will says:

    Hey guys,

    Ran this canyon on Jan 2nd 2014. Higher flow than normal, evidence of this on the second abseil where there was a stronger whirlpool to the right hand side that takes a good swim to exit. Also replaced the sling at this abseil, as the former was quite chewed up.


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