Cross Creek v3a2II***

Highest Drop 22m (2x25m)
1-4 hrs
Public Access. 

One of the most fun canyons in NZ.  Beautiful slides, jumps and rappels in very cold water.

Robinson Creek v4a3II***

25m (2x30m)
2.5-3 hrs
Public access

A relatively short canyon, with a more open upper section with pools, jumps and swims. Then the canyon closes in for several drops, including a very impressive pitch into a giant cavern.

Allez Canyon v4a2IV***

Private land: Permission required.

Heli-access to a very steep and committing canyon, with about 16 pitches.

Vass-oconstrictor v4a3IV***

155m (75m max pitch)
Private land: permission required

Heli-access to a very steep canyon, with about 20 pitches. Multipitch descent of the main drop with the longest pitch about 75m.

Major Mayhem Canyon v5a3IV***

95m (60+35 pitches)
Public access

Big, exposed waterfalls in the upper section, with a relentless narrow slot canyon below. Lots of delicate logjams!

Twin Creek v5a2III***

35m/40m/70m (2x60m)
Public access

A long alpine canyon (3 sections), with good access and great views accross to Mt Rolleston.

Griffin Creek v3a5IV***

29m (2x60m)
Public access

Big, watery, beautiful, long, technical.. Jumps galore into pumping whitewater. Huge pools, powerfull waterfalls… This canyon is a pure gem in NZ!

Falls Creek v5a5IV***

80m (60m+20m)
Public access

Very high volume Slot Canyon, with an 80m entrance drop into a cauldron, with spray so feirce you might consider wearing goggles.  Also a “black hole” (torches not needed) about halfway through. 

Barrack Creek v4a4III***

Public access

Barrack Creek is a steep, aquatic and vertical alpine descent. Polished rocks, deep green pools, the back to back nature of the waterfalls, and the fantastic end series of rappels makes this a classic three-star canyon. Make sure you have suitable experience and a strong team.

Big Wainihinhi via Wainotinoti v4a4IV***

Public access

his trip has it all. A staunch multi-sport approach. Back-to-back high waterfalls in Wainotinoti. And finally, the jewel in the crown – jumps and whitewater problem solving in the slotted Big Wainihinihi.

Wilson Creek v4a4IV***

17m   (2x40m)
4-8 hrs
Public access

Very deep schist slot canyon with many beautiful turquoise pools and significant flow. A serious undertaking in anything but very low water conditions.

Eagle’s Nest v4a3V***

Highest drop 35m  (2x 60m ropes needed, due lack of anchors in one place, requiring a 50m rappel. ) Public access 14hrs A stunning, steep and slotted canyon. It starts high up Mt Earnslaw and continues without pause all the way down to the valley. 700m of descent and over 40 rappels. A real classic,…