Canyon Creek v5a5V***

2x50m | Two to three days: | Public Access

  • 4-5hrs to base camp bivvy
  • 1hr20 from bivy to canyon
  • 5-7hrs descent
  • 30 mins return to bivvy.

In the Ahurirri valley, south Canterbury, lies a steep series of stacked waterfalls in an enclosed slot, with plenty of flow. High up in the cirque beneath Mt Barth’s glacier, this test-piece is a long way from the Ahurirri valley road, so usually requires an advanced base camp. A fantastic weekend objective for expert canyoners.

Thanks to Toine Houtenbos, Mark Norman and Erwan Coq for the photos, information and topos.

Exploration history

  • First descent R4 to R9: Alain Rohr, Pete Choate, Kaden Anderson and Toine Houtenbos. 4 March ’19.
  • First descent top to R40m: Alain Rohr, Mark Norman, David-Stephen Miles and Ben Thomas. April 2019
  • First descent R10 to end: Alain Rohr, Erwan Coq and Toine Houtenbos. 6 March ‘24
  • First full descent: Alain Rohr, Erwan Coq and Toine Houtenbos. 7 March ‘24

Photos from Mark Norman, 2019

Photos from Erwan Coq and Toine Houtenbos, 2024

Photos from Dan Clearwater

Showing views into the lower section whilst on the approach route.

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