Captain Chaos v4a2III*

Explored by Joe Budgen et al, just days before finding the mega-classic “The General” nearby..

Enter from 1000m, several waterfalls up to 60m, very low flow, but some cool sections.

Captain Chaos has short interesting sections of narrow slot, generally with abseils, followed by open boulder walking sections. It is a very low flow canyon which makes it ideal for descent when others in the area are flowing too high, or you are uncomfortable with higher flow canyons but are looking to put your rope skills into action in a canyon environment.

There is plenty of opportunity for escape throughout the canyon. As this is a fairly easy descent, no Canyon Topo is provided. 2x 60m Ropes will be plenty to get you through. The canyon has a combination of blots and natural anchors. There are only a few locations where bolts are 100% required and if care is taken prior to committing to any one section, it is *almost* always possible to back-track to a point in the canyon where you are able to escape. Having said that, I still recommend carrying an emergency bolting kit and definitely carry some sling/webbing to replace natural anchors.

There is a photo attached of the water checkpoint (at the junction of the General).. I assume this to be ‘normal’ flow… it is merely a trickle.

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