Barefoot Burn v4a2III*

Highest drop 45m

Public access


Medium flow canyon with beautiful steep, clean abseils. Steep sidewalls in most places.

This canyon is fully featured in the Canyoning in NZ guidebook, available for purchase on this site.

The Canyon has been partially bolted since the publication of the book. Download the latest Barefoot Burn CanyonTopo

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  1. Oli Polson says:

    Second Descent by Oli Polson and Ross Sprung; Cool trip! Blue markers stopped at 860m right when steep narrow spur started, don’t follow the orange ones, they mark horizontal bait/trapping lines… just follow spur as per topo. Very recently active rock fall at the top of R8 on the TL lots of rock debris present, and obviously still very loose. Be careful! Well worth the effort!!

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