Taipo Creek v3a1II*

Highest drop 35m (R30 plus DC5m)

Public access


Steep waterfall stream with numerous small – medium abseils concentrated in 500m of streamway.

First descent: Dan Padial, Chris Stephenson 18/1/19

Download the topo for Taipo Creek, by Chris Stevenson

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2 Responses to Taipo Creek v3a1II*

  1. Laura de Jong says:

    Went down with a party of 3. Felt like we were fast but still took 2.5h to descent.

  2. Matt Dingley says:

    Descended 05-12-19
    Anchors and webbing in good condition.
    Approach route after crossing the river, up the spur is good going, if you find you’re bush bashing too much you may be too far West.

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