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  1. Ashley Stewart says:

    Tom and I Went down this one the end of last summer (start of 2017) and it is just the one waterfall approx 25m. We abseiled on the true right of the falls into the pool. There is a good tree which you can build an anchor on. Not really worth the walk in.

  2. Caleb Baildon says:

    I walked up the stream past the track that goes up and around past the gorge by about 150-200m and reached the base of a waterfall that would be 10-15m high. At the top of the falls it looked like it was the end of the gorge and that the valley opened out, I could also see rock formations that looked like the ones in the photo on the reseach sheet taken from the top looking down.

    I am confident that there is just the one waterfall on this section of river. The rest of the gorge is just a bit of a scramble.

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