Cameron Creek v4, a5 or a6

Big water with a couple of huge drops. More of a gorge than a canyon, yet to receive a canyoning descent.

Makarora Valley, Aspiring

Boundary Creek

Some canyon features and lots of swimming. Worth more visits to figure out where the goods are.

Lake Wanaka, Aspiring

Raspberry Creek

Apparently this has been done a fair few times, and regarded as ‘not bad, although a bit dirty’. The canyon is on Mt Aspiring station, so permission is required for access. Plenty of other better canyons in the area; this record is mostly for historical recording purposes.

Lodge Creek

Not an official name, just close to the ‘Lodge’ on the Topo map. Apparently its been checked out by locals, and it was apparently an ok canyon, but it got hit by a slip in the 90’s which ruined it. Who knows, it might have cleared out by now… Surrounded by private farmland, see¬†WAMS website¬†for…

Bent Burn

Apparently its been checked out by locals, who called it ‘blocky’ (ie, lots of big blocks in the river bed, not really a canyon). No idea how high they started though. Surrounded by private farmland. Check out the WAMS website to see the public walking access options. No photos available. 

Siberia Hut Canyon

Has been descended a fair few times, ends in the ‘swimming hole’ of Siberia Hut, so you can expect some observers when you arrive. No info on the canyon, but from the valley you can see a bunch of stacked waterfalls… I’d be taking a drill and at least 2x60m ropes and a staunch bushbashing…

1071 Canyon

Done in 2015 by the French “Aotearoa Expedition” Apparently it was reasonably short, but pretty good. No other info… Fixed wing access to the Airstrip and a hut nearby… who is going to check it out again and get a topo and some photos??

Thar Creek

First descent in March 2019. Toine Houtenbos, Alain Rohr, Kaden Anderson, Pete Choate