Melita Stream v5a4III**

Best approached by kayak across Lake Gunn, walking around is not recommended due to thick forest and swampy ground. Access on the TR. Lots of absiels in powerful flows. Extremely hard rock: serpentine and diorite, so if you’re taking a drill, (which you should) take plenty of spare drill bits and extra batteries!!! First descent…

Cameron Creek v4, a5 or a6

Big water with a couple of huge drops. More of a gorge than a canyon, yet to receive a canyoning descent.

Makarora Valley, Aspiring

Third Waterfall Stream

Looked in form edge. Nice section in middle, trekking on either side. Waterfall at top Local canyoners who went for a recce…

Big Hopwood Burn

Worth a look by a keen team. It has been kayaked by Justin Venable, and explored from the bottom by local canyoners.. Good fun sections. Lots of water. Some Jolie encasement. No major waterfalls, but lots of swims and jumps if you want. Have not yet descended it, but canyoned up from road to about…

Parasite Creek

Apparently explored by Alain Rohr, but nothing of note was found.

Strachan Creek

Not really a canyon. 1-1.5hrs access up the Burke canyon. Following (if you can) the old track which runs on the true left side. It is been unmaintained for a very long time, so don’t be surprised if you can’t find/follow it. There was an old wooden bridge, half broken crossing Strachan Creek. Only a…

Templeton Creek

Apparently explored by locals: Nothing down low. Looks good up high but too far to be bothered walking up..

Boundary Creek

Some canyon features and lots of swimming. Worth more visits to figure out where the goods are.

Lake Wanaka, Aspiring

Raspberry Creek

Apparently this has been done a fair few times, and regarded as ‘not bad, although a bit dirty’. The canyon is on Mt Aspiring station, so permission is required for access. Plenty of other better canyons in the area; this record is mostly for historical recording purposes.

Lodge Creek

Not an official name, just close to the ‘Lodge’ on the Topo map. Apparently its been checked out by locals, and it was apparently an ok canyon, but it got hit by a slip in the 90’s which ruined it. Who knows, it might have cleared out by now… Surrounded by private farmland, see¬†WAMS website¬†for…