Mangarua Stream

Report by Rowan Peck
Mangarua Stream, 6th April 2013.
Starts from the Waitawheta Tramway track at an obvious bridge, 5.8km or about 1.5 hrs walk from the Franklin Road end. To access from the top, head south from Daly’s Clearing Hut keeping the ridge (off track).
Start point 37 30 7.13 / 175 42 56.14, Explored up as far as 37 30 16.12 / 175 47 2.41
I explored about 800m upstream, which took 1.5 hours return. A pleasant boulder clamber up and downstream with some picturesque sections. Two old Kauri tree forks left in the stream as they were too hard to work show the attitudes towards the environment and resources of 100 years past…. is it so different today in some countries?
Good fun for kids and trampers wanting something different. Very slippery. Helmet highly recommended. Or if your main objective is the Waitawheta River canyon, a side trip for clamber-lovers.
For the committment, I would give it I for escape etc (very easy), but III for time.
Zero stars.

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