Tawhiuau v4a2IV**

Public access

700m of descent makes this one of the biggest trips in the North Island. A solid 3hr approach up a steep but well marked track and a “mini canyon ” (2 pitches) entry to the main river. Big waterfalls, Hanging re belays and wide expansive views.

Mangaturuturu Canyon v3a2I*

Public access

Shallow, low angled canyon with plenty of escapes. Short, sweet and great for beginners.

Waikoko Canyon v3a3I*

Public access

Short canyon section with some nice narrows and one good drop. Otherwise a pleasant stream walk.

Pureora Forest park Non-Canyons

Email detailing some streams that are only tramping trips, rather than canyoning Download info sheet for Pureora Forest Park Non Canyons

East of Navigator Canyon

Public access Drops upwards of 70m on Map Has been descended, but apparently is not really worth doing. Download info for East of Navigator Canyon, Owhango

Mangarua Stream

Report by Rowan Peck Mangarua Stream, 6th April 2013. Starts from the Waitawheta Tramway track at an obvious bridge, 5.8km or about 1.5 hrs walk from the Franklin Road end. To access from the top, head south from Daly’s Clearing Hut keeping the ridge (off track). Start point 37 30 7.13 / 175 42 56.14, Explored up…

Waitawheta Gorge

Public Access, Waitawheta Gorge, Kaimai Ranges. Volcanic rock, looks like a promising swim/jump/float trip.  Track access. Download research sheet for Waitawheta Gorge  

Pukehinau Canyon v1a2I*

No Drops, swimming only 1hr Public Access Short, deep and beautiful limestone and conglomerate swim canyon. A full description can be found in the Canyoning in NZ guidebook.  

Waiteariki Falls

10km NE of Matamata. Done by Cavers from Waitomo. No other information. Hot springs nearby 🙂 http://www.opalhotsprings.co.nz/pools.html Download research sheet for Waiteariki Falls

Mangakino Stream

A tyre tube float trip apparently Public access. Download research sheet for Mangakino Stream  

Upper Mangatepopo Stream

SH47, between National Park and Turangi, Western side of Mt Tongarirro. The land to the South East of SH47 is all Tongarirro National Park (open walking access). Observed the ‘Mangatepopo Falls’ (approx 30-40m??) and a reasonably enclosed looking stream whilst over flying the area. Suggest park one car at the SH 47 bridge, then drive…