Atuatumoe via .626 v4a1III*



Private access

Low flow stream with 3 pitches. Some knee deep pools.  Wetsuits not required. No escape at bottom of R1, but otherwise easy escape from the stream.  

1hr access, 3 hrs descent, 15mins return.

From the Kaueranga Valley road end we climbed the Billy goat creek to the high point marked 626m. Bashed thru the dense bush to the stream The going is easier once in the stream and soon the terrain changed indication a big drop ahead. At the main drop there is huge tree stuck between the gorge edges. Several slings were found at the abseils indicating other recent activity.

Abseil 1 35m
Abseil 2 was rather committing as it was not possible to see the bottom. So we went for maximum rope length by placing a sling around a pile of rocks at the lip edge. A 40m abseil. More from a kauri log
Abseil 3 10m

The walk down the stream passed by the remains of an old kauri dam. At times the stream disappears underground reappearing hundreds of meters away.
This tributary enters near the end of the Atuatumoe stream so it is a short walk to exit at the Billy Goat landing lookout.

Philip Beech

First recorded canyoning descent: 15th March 2009. Darren Scott, Neil Foxcroft, Peter Harrison, Pete Smith.

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