Lower Fish River, v1a4I*

Highest drop 2m

Public access


A great scramble and swim through an impressive gorge, just below SH6.


From the Jubilee/Canaans Creek gravel pit, walk up to the bridge, and descend on the true left of the fish to easily scramble in below the bridge (8mins from the car)

Descent and Return

There’s considerable flow, so you have to pay attention, but you can go around almost all the whitewater. Plenty of sieves, pour overs and undercuts etc, but again, if you keep your eyes open its easy to keep safe and avoid the hazards

About 20mins downstream of the bridge, Jubiliee Creek comes in on the true right. Either escape up here, or continue down through the impressive slot canyon.

About 150m downstream of Jubiliee, the best of the canyon ends. Either swim upstream (quite tricky in places) to exit up Jubilee Creek, or continue down to another car parked at Stewart Creek.

Beautiful spot for a short jaunt in the afternoon.

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