Jubilee Creek v4a2III*

Highest drop 50m

Public access


Steep, Low flow canyon, with alternating enclosed and open sections.

There is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS foot entrapment on R11  between the canyon wall and a trapped log. It is difficult to see from above and very difficult to avoid, so until the log is gone, it is better to exit on the TR and rappel from a tree so you descend well away from the log.

This entrapment caught a canyoners foot recently, though luckily he was able to undo his shoe and escape!  The shoe is still in there as far as we know!  Foot entrapments like this one are perhaps the most life threatening hazard in a canyon, because there is very little that can be done to save someone. The only solution would be trying to raise them with a haul system from above, but that could result in broken limbs.. Without rescue the canyoner would eventually succumb to hypothermia…

Read an article about a foot entrapment fatality in a nearby canyon


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