Hack Canyon v4a2III*

35m (2x40m)

5hrs return (1h30 | 3hrs |30mins)

Public access

Moderate to high flow canyon rigged to get canyoners very wet! Interestingly no deep pools given the flow. Challenging at the grade.

Thanks to Justin Hall for the Topo and photographs.

This canyon was first explored in January 2011 by Grant Prattley, Dan Clearwater and Brendon Nevin. But for some reason Dan didn’t put it on the KiwiCanyons.org website. Years later Nola Collie and James Abbot also descended it, expecting a first descent. And again Dan forgot to put it on the website…

On 20 February 2022, Anthony Alford, Hamish Castle and Justin Hall again went exploring, found some of our rigging and put good stuff (bolts) in the right places. Finally Dan put it on the website…

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