Falls Creek v5a5IV***

Very high volume Slot Canyon, with an 80m entrance drop into a cauldron, with spray so feirce you might consider wearing goggles.  Also a “black hole” (torches not needed) about halfway through. 

Gets huge floods, so anchors are often damaged. Make sure you take a drill…  Only in season at the end of a long dry summer (March). 

Thanks to Patrick Timm for the Canyon topo for Falls Creek

First descent: Dave Vass, Tristran, Alain Rohr 2007. 

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  1. PATRICK says:

    Another great trip through Falls Creek, although a late start meant we did not get to experience the beautiful sun rays in the canyon like on previous trips (a highlight I now realise).

    Low water levels on this trip (or as low as can be for this monster of a canyon).

    Some time was wasted after a thrown bag got caught in an undercut, and since we got to explore that undercut quite well getting the bag back, it is definitely one to be wary of (jump after the jagged chute). So in hindsight a good experience as we explored the undercut quite well and upgraded our opinion on how significant and serious we thought it was.

    All anchors survived from last season and I could not see any evidence of any flooding having occurred.

  2. PATRICK TIMM says:

    Yep, Falls creek is just too good! Went in a second time just a few weeks after the first. Everything still as described in my earlier trip report.

    ► I added a DBB to the top of R1 to replace the webbing. Not sure how big of a flood it will take to move the boulder its installed on, but it won’t get damaged unless that boulder moves. Need to change the hanger to a 45° one, I don’t like the ring hanger I used. Will do that next trip through.
    ► Added a single ring bolt before R9 to access it (last waterfall) that is facing away from any flow so ‘should’ last. This is handy for higher flows to access the R9 anchor as its a pour over, and would be quite tricky/dangerous in higher flows. There’s another bolt on the ledge once you get over so you can set a retrievable guideline for the rest of the team.
    ► Found a 2nd anchor on R9 on TR. This is around 25m down from R9 anchor. This will be the way to go down (split R9 into multi) in higher flows (so average level or higher) as you stay completely clear of the water then.

    That’s all! I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to go again!

  3. PATRICK TIMM says:

    Amazing canyon, really deep, slotted and pretty! Pools of all shades of blue- just magical!

    It was a little below average water level for this trip, but still an A5 grading- there are some spots you really need to be aware of your white water canyoning skills ect. Only a skilled, competent team should undertake this canyon. Do not underestimate its commitment and seriousness.

    ALWAYS take a drill- floods will rip a lot of anchors out, there’s just no avoiding it. We placed/replaced 5 anchors. If I went again, I would still take 15 bolts or so regardless (we took 20 on this trip), its not a canyon you want to get stuck in. But each person should decide that themselves, that’s just what I would personally do. Also, its granite, so takes longer to drill.

    Also, take goggles! Water spray is incredibly violent on first and last major waterfall. You cannot see without them. Think half to full meter waves as well!

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