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  1. Andrew W says:

    Descended on 5th of Feb 2018. (which was 3 days after a heavy rain event.)
    Had to skip the first jump as we were not confident to avoid the flow in the pool to TR into undercut.
    The ledge does not look safe to me to use to scout- the step down is slippery with no holds. At the time of descent it was Easier to climb down a dryer chute on far TR to scout it.
    Rest was fine. The pool with the sling in the tree above it (at the start of the slot) was gravel bottomed and just deep enough to jump into.

    For us the highlight was airbedding the wakamarina from banks confluence to the campground at the flow we had we could float most of it(with fun rapids) and just had to skip larger drops/big hydraulics (say about 4 between banks and doom) which were visible with enough warning to stop and get out etc. Between Doom and Campground was only two of those: the chute and one above it. Spectacular jumps above doom creek confluence too. Better airbedding than the pelorus we thought too.

    • Topher Dabrowski says:

      12/22/17 Fun, easy first canyoneering trip here in NZ. Lots of swimming on this route and enjoyed the sticky nature of the rock. Good anchors.

      • Oli Polson says:

        3/3/13 Trip report.
        Very low water levels, R1 and R2 still jumpable with good technique. otherwise very mellow and enjoyable trip. Wakamarina more of a walk than a float.

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