Dickson River v3a4IV***

Max pitch unknown, but nothing that a single 60m can’t handle


Public access..

Very committing and continuous bedrock slot that never relents but always provides. Great jumps and unlikely looking problems.

Put it there with the top three canyons on the West Coast, with Red Granite and Griffin… But I haven’t done em all…

Keith Riley

First partial descent by Justin Venables, Richard Bramley et al December 2018.

First full descent Keith Riley, Zak Shaw and Zack Stone April 2022:

After bush bashing down into the lower Dickson, we all looked upstream and thought “We’ve put on too soon” Seeds were sown. Finally, at Easter 2022 Stoke was high on the Mikonui Valley canyoning potential. A team flew into the Tuke, whilst we walked into the upper Dickson and unearthed a classic.

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