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  1. T MCNEISH says:

    Awesome trip thanks for the info and great pictures.
    Something to be aware of R1 was not jumpable in this flow (a lot of shingle in the bottom), Anchor sling all good. As perspective the 1m J was shallow approx 1m deep.
    if i remember correctly there are a few new logJams (tree with roots fell into canyon before R2) R2 logjam above it were a bit more intense, no sling on this TL tree (and hard to get to, maybe log jams moving?). Didnt feel much branches in the bottom though.
    DC were slippery as in this flow.
    There are options for escape but not everywhere. we found an out TR with old as rope before R2 and also just after the atmospheric repel (steep TR out comes out near trail junction with sign).
    great narrows near the end.
    Great trip as an overnight with the hut.

  2. Danelle Kelliher says:

    We had an awesome trip down Devils Creek! Tape/rope anchors are all still in good condition. R1 was jumped, technical and awkward jump though. R2 requires crossing false floor to get to anchor. At R3 if you DC to the TR you can do a 3m very shallow water jump. We spent 4 hrs messing around in the canyon (topo says 1.5hrs) but we were also jumping off everything we could find and lapping em! Really beautiful fun slotty trip! Cheers for the topo Dave!

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