Clapcott Creek v3a2III*

Last week I explored Clapcott canyon with Alain Rohr.


The canyon is up behind the old homestead in the Landsborough. Access via 4wd to the base of the canyon.


About 1h20 bush bash up the true left with sections of dense fernery, forest and side canyons which made for hard going compared to the Haast Pass region. Entered the canyon at about the 500m mark. Would be worth starting up to 640m high for more canyoning.


Similar to Civil Creek- open canyon with steep sides with some sections of ‘jolie encasement’. Good quality water. Note the Landsborough needs a much smaller catchment than the Haast Pass region to produce good water volumes.

7 rappels to 20m, mostly natural anchors with 1 x 2BA. Lots of down climbing. 3hrs15 in the canyon.

Jethro Robinson – First descent with Alain Rohr January 2011

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