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Thanks for recording your descent for the Canyoning community!

Its a big form, but most of the fields are optional: so you can send us as little or as much as you like. The more you can provide, the better the community resource we can build.

Its worth having a quick skim across the form before you start filling it out. If it isn’t for you, then you can download a word doc template and email it to us instead.

Photos are really helpful, but things like a topo drawing aren’t essential. If you have problems with the form, want to edit what you’ve written, or include more photos/files, then just email us.

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  • Please rename your photos "Canyon name - photographer name" before you upload them. If you want to submit more photos, you can email them to us. Max 2Mb per photo. 1600px is a good dimension for the longest side.
  • Please only click the button once, and don't hit refresh on your broswer. The form only uploads the files/images when you hit the button, so if you've got several images, it could take a minute or two!


Just click once; it may take a minute or more as it uploads your photos. Clicking again or re-loading risks wiping all your info!