Big Wainihinhi via Wainotinoti v4a4IV***

Highest drop 75m


Public access

This trip has it all. A staunch multi-sport approach. Back-to-back high waterfalls in Wainotinoti. And finally, the jewel in the crown – jumps and whitewater problem solving in the slotted Big Wainihinihi. A big day out, but well worth it. Ask not why, ask Wainotinoti (‘the water that squeezes tighter and tighter’).

First descents: Wainihinihi – Justin Venable, Phil Palzer, Richard Bramley, Dec 2018. Wainotinoti + Wainihinihi – Chris Whitehorse, Mark Parfitt, Richard Bramley, March 2019

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  1. Brad Schimanski says:

    Parking: give the cowboy paradise a call or say hi when you arrive to let them know your coming to ask to park at their yard as it is their house/work. they are very welcoming but also wary of poachers so dont bring guns or hunting paraphernalia if it can be avoided.
    approach: riding in on ebikes made it a bit easier for us “less fit” people.
    we tried to sidle the ridge a bit at the tope before dropping into the stream but it wasn’t worth it, just bash your way down to the ‘river’ head and go for it.
    trip: we were moving quite slowly through the canyon there was nothing efficient about us so our time is very conservative if your a well oiled fit team.
    anchors: we changed out a bunch of webbing and put new hangers on most anchor stations as they had been washed out, but bolts were still there we didnt have to use the drill.
    dropping into the wainihinihi will be pretty daunting if the water is up. our water level was a little higher than the guide book photos but still very achievable, probably quite chill for people who frequent white water alot. 2.2 on the approach water gauges if that is relative im not sure.
    return to vehicle: the cable way at the end was damaged but it is still pretty easy to climb out/ swim across the river. more significantly the walkway (which is bolted to the side of the cliff) has been damaged with rockfall and pretty sketchy, use extreme caution going across this, some areas are entirely gone and you need to follow a steep flagged route up/over a cliffy area. lots of stingy nettle to make it extra fun.

    • Date -27/11/23
    • Water level -normal
    • Anchor conditions -we did some repairs
    • Group size -3pax
    • Time: approach/descent/return (eg: 1hr/4hrs/3mins) -3.5h/ 8h/1h

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