Griffin Creek v3a5IV***

****UPDATE   Griffin Creek is under threat from a Hydro proposal... learn more on the NZ Canyoning Association Web page, and do your bit to help ensure this amazing canyon isn’t turned into a slimy, dewatered trickle *****


Griffin is one of the classic canyons of NZ, definitely top 5 according to the author of the Canyoning in NZ guidebook.

Big, watery, beautiful, long, technical.. Jumps galore into pumping whitewater. Huge pools, powerfull waterfalls… This canyon is a pure gem in NZ!


Guidebook update 12 Mar 2017:

R2 13m or J 10m

Bolts were damaged, and have been replaced by another double bolt anchor about 1m to the left of the old one where it should be protected from floods.

Bodengo Falls R8-R10:

Unfortunately the description in the guidebook is a little misleading, according to subsequent parties who have descended this canyon. The main problem is trying to access the R10 TL anchors by leaping over the flow is nearly impossible, and highly risky. (See PIC 3 for a view of that spot). The subsequent teams placed extra bolts on the TR in order to avoid this risk, but its a tricky sequence to put together.

This sequence is by far the technical crux of the canyon, and most parties will (should) bypass the section on the TL as described in the book. If the following description is confusing, then the bypass is for you. If you’ve got a strong team with excellent problem solving skills and are very careful to ensure you always have a line of retreat, then following the water through the Bodengo Falls section is an excellent and highly technical bit of canyoning.

R8 can be a J18m into a big clean pool.

There is one new bolt at the bottom of R8 by the waters edge. This is set as a ‘retreat bolt’ ie, if you get to R9 and can’t make the moves to get to the R10 anchor (or any anchors are damaged), you’ll need to have pre-placed a retreat line on that bolt in order to pull yourself back upstream (its not possible to swim against the current due to the shape of the walls there).  (PIC 2 is the view from that bolt and PIC 4 is looking back at it.)

(PIC 3: Shows the existing R10 TL anchors as described in the guidebook.)

There is a new single bolt at R9 TR.

A new bolt anchor has been installed part way down the slab (in a crack system, hopefully protected from floods. In PIC 5  the Canyoner using that new bolt anchor with a footloop to access the new R10 TR anchor as described in this update.

The R10 anchor has a devation bolt lower down, which must be use to avoid the extremely powerful flow. (see PIC 6).  About 5m below the deviation there is a ledge to get off the rope to do a 13m jump into the pool.





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One Response to Griffin Creek v3a5IV***

  1. Shanan Fraser says:

    I went through Griffin last weekend and it was awesome! I feel strongly enough to comment that contrary to the guidebook, jumping over the flow to access the TL R10 bolts would be EXTREMELY risky and difficult and is not really an option.

    Also, the R8 bolts currently have no hangers on them. This serves as a reminder that the R8, R9 & TR R10 Series is very technical and should only be attempted after careful evaluation by those with the highest level of technical skill. If you have any doubt as to your ability to complete this section safely then bypass it on the TL.

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