Allez Canyon v4a2IV***

Private land: Permission required.

Heli-access to a very steep and committing canyon, with about 16 pitches.

Vass-oconstrictor v4a3IV***

155m (75m max pitch)
Private land: permission required

Heli-access to a very steep canyon, with about 20 pitches. Multipitch descent of the main drop with the longest pitch about 75m.

Major Mayhem Canyon v5a3IV***

95m (60+35 pitches)
Public access

Big, exposed waterfalls in the upper section, with a relentless narrow slot canyon below. Lots of delicate logjams!

Twin Creek v5a2III***

35m/40m/70m (2x60m)
Public access

A long alpine canyon (3 sections), with good access and great views accross to Mt Rolleston.

Griffin Creek v3a5IV***

29m (2x60m)
Public access

Big, watery, beautiful, long, technical.. Jumps galore into pumping whitewater. Huge pools, powerfull waterfalls… This canyon is a pure gem in NZ!

Falls Creek v5a5IV***

80m (60m+20m)
Public access

Very high volume Slot Canyon, with an 80m entrance drop into a cauldron, with spray so feirce you might consider wearing goggles.  Also a “black hole” (torches not needed) about halfway through. 

Barrack Creek v4a4III***

Public access

Barrack Creek is a steep, aquatic and vertical alpine descent. Polished rocks, deep green pools, the back to back nature of the waterfalls, and the fantastic end series of rappels makes this a classic three-star canyon. Make sure you have suitable experience and a strong team.

Big Wainihinhi via Wainotinoti v4a4IV***

Public access

his trip has it all. A staunch multi-sport approach. Back-to-back high waterfalls in Wainotinoti. And finally, the jewel in the crown – jumps and whitewater problem solving in the slotted Big Wainihinihi.

Wilson Creek v4a4IV***

17m   (2x40m)
4-8 hrs
Public access

Very deep schist slot canyon with many beautiful turquoise pools and significant flow. A serious undertaking in anything but very low water conditions.

Eagle’s Nest v4a3V***

Highest drop 35m  (2x 60m ropes needed, due lack of anchors in one place, requiring a 50m rappel. ) Public access 14hrs A stunning, steep and slotted canyon. It starts high up Mt Earnslaw and continues without pause all the way down to the valley. 700m of descent and over 40 rappels. A real classic,…

Stewarts Creek v4a5IV***

There is more information on this canyon available, but I’ve not had time to process it. This page is a ‘place holder’ designed to indicate the canyon has been descended. More info will be posted once I get round to it! Happy Canyoning! Chucky

Ore Stream v4a5IV***

This canyon is fully described in the Canyoning in NZ guidebook. Guidebook updates R1 is now double bolted (10mm stainless tru-bolts) the R4 label is used twice, (once for the actual R4, and then for what should be R5). This might cause some confusion when reading the topo and the description. The description (3 paragraph,…