Griffin Creek v3a5IV***

*****CANYON HAS CHANGED  read this whole post, (including comments) before visiting Griffin, as the guidebook description appears to be mis-leading for some people. ***** Griffin is one of the classic canyons of NZ, definitely top 5 according to the author of the Canyoning in NZ guidebook. Big, watery, beautiful, long, technical.. Jumps galore into pumping whitewater….

Major Mayhem Canyon v5a3IV***

Highest drop 95m (60+35 pitches) Public access 5-14hrs (Depending if you start at the middle or the top) Big, exposed waterfalls in the upper section, with a relentless narrow slot canyon below. Lots of delicate logjams! Download the topo for Major Mayhem v5a3IV

Vass-oconstrictor v4a3IV***

Highest drop 155m Heli-access to a very steep canyon, with about 20 pitches. Multipitch descent of the main drop with the longest pitch about 75m. This canyon was named in honour of Dave Vass, local canyoning pioneer, who suffered a paralysing neck injury in a climbing accident in Jan 2015. Vasoconstrictor (with one ‘s’) is a…

Big Wainihinhi via Wainotinoti v4a4IV***

Highest drop 75m Public access 8-10hrs This trip has it all. A staunch multi-sport approach. Back-to-back high waterfalls in Wainotinoti. And finally, the jewel in the crown – jumps and whitewater problem solving in the slotted Big Wainihinihi. A big day out, but well worth it. Ask not why, ask Wainotinoti (‘the water that squeezes…

Wilson Creek v4a4IV***

Highest drop 17m   (minimum of two 40m ropes reccomended) 4-8 hrs Public access Very deep schist slot canyon with many beautiful turquoise pools and significant flow. A serious undertaking in anything but very low water conditions. This canyon is fully described in the Canyoning in NZ guidebook.

Barrack Creek v4a4III***

Highest drop 65m Public access 9h30′ Barrack Creek is a steep, aquatic and vertical alpine descent. Polished rocks, deep green pools, the back to back nature of the waterfalls, and the fantastic end series of rappels makes this a classic three-star canyon. Make sure you have suitable experience and a strong team. Download the latest…

Wilberhorse Canyon v5a3IV***

Highest drop 110m  (yes, you need 2x 110m ropes!) Private access, permission required (see topo) 8.5-12.5hrs A big alpine canyon, 14 pitches, including a one of 110m. Sustained and exposed, a serious undertaking! Download the Wilberhorse CanyonTopo First descent by Tom Johns, Ashley Stewart, Danny Kingan, Sarah Hamilton, Rocky Smith, March 2018 Photos from Tom Johns

Cupola Creek v4a5IV***

More info yet to come… First descent by Richard Bramley, Lee den Haan , Adrian Paris and James W Scoltock  January 2018.

Red Granite Creek v4a4III***

Highest drop 40m Public access 7hrs A fantastic, open granite canyon with big waterfalls and big pools. Jumps galore. Download the CanyonTopo for Red Granite Creek